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Hi! I'm Kassie

I recently moved from Denver, Colorado back to the Minneapolis suburbs where I grew up. I graduated from Colorado Christian University with a degree in Liberal Arts, because like this blog, I had a hard time choosing one topic to study. But God brought to light my passion for nutrition, and over the last year, I have earned two different certifications: NTP (Nutrition Therapy Practitioner) and RWP (Restorative Wellness Practitioner). I am passionate about helping others reach and maintain optimal wellness, especially in the areas of digestion, blood sugar regulation, and hormonal balance. Kass Hope Wellness is a place for you to know you’re not alone in your health struggles and successes; I am personally learning alongside of you. As a Christian, I believe physical wellness is something I am called to care about, but also not something I should idolize. It’s a difficult balance in the world we live in, but I believe that it is definitely worth striving towards. I believe spiritual wellness is equally as important, and that is why you will find posts on faith and relationships on here too. I am passionate about nutrition and truly believe it is life-changing, but I ultimately believe that freedom in Jesus is the most life-changing, healing thing anyone will ever find. My hope is that you would be encouraged and challenged to seek Him in the unique wellness journey you are on!


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